Vaquero: The sweet taste of mesquite with digestive easing benefits

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“I wanted a blend of spices and herbs that felt like home but living in Southern California the ability to use wood burning pits was not allowed in our gated community. I missed the tastes of the ranch cooked food with freshly gathered mesquite. With the “Vaquero” blend I was able to think back to when my grandparents would cook fresh meat over an open pit and family would gather together and have a great time. However, when I would make any sort of steaks or red meat in my home some members of my family digestive tract would not accept store bought cuts into their diet and they would experience cramps or worse. I did not think of the method of cooking such as charcoal or propane being the issue but the lack of proper ingredients not in the recipes. I created the “Vaquero” to allow a version of my home growing up into my home as an adult.

Tradition and family bonding come to mind when I make a meal with “Vaquero” and knowing that the blend is all-natural and holds a variety of benefits for everyone’s well-being makes this a blend that mixes home with health.” -D. Alejandro Garcia


Vaquero consists of the following ingredients only:

  • Onion- Antioxidants and Antibacterial properties
  • Garlic- Antibacterial properties
  • Oregano- Antibacterial properties
  • Turmeric- Antioxidant
  • Cumin- Assist with food-borne illnesses
  • Ginger- Assistance with digestive problems and cramps
  • Chimayo- A specialty pepper but carriers the same benefits as all chili peppers at a lower Scoville scale (4,000-6,000) to benefit the digestive tract.
  • Black Pepper: Increased circulation
  • Mesquite Powder: For the hint of an outdoor aroma and smoky flavor


The “Vaquero” is intended for a fresh hunt or pure meat cuts which is why the mix has digestive and cleansing ingredients added together but with all the additives and unknown origins of store-bought meats this blend is perfect for everyone. If you have a sensitive stomach or digestive system adding the “Vaquero” to your meal will ease your pains and allow you to enjoy red meats or any meal that has otherwise caused issues to your digestive system.






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The “Vaquero” was created to take you back to the Southwest where ranchers huddled around a campfire sharing stories of the open ranges. Your meal will give you that flavor of mesquite without the wait of prepping a campfire or violating any BBQ regulations. This is perfect for areas with grilling restrictions or lack of mesquite wood. Aside from a smoky blend that was designed for the grill master and cooks who want a taste of the southwest but do not have access to mesquite or have restrictions with grilling on an open flame the “Vaquero” blends the open fire tastes with the sweet benefits of the herbs and spices mixed together in this savory recipe. No fillers, preservatives, or anti-caking agents to ruin your meal just the best made for you to enjoy your meal with all-natural ingredients.

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3 reviews for Vaquero: The sweet taste of mesquite with digestive easing benefits

  1. D. Dubelza Garcia

    One of my favorite spices, especially for grilling beef. The whole family lives it.

  2. Kevin Veliz

    It’s very Hard to write this review because my heart says Veliz blend is the best, but in my opinion this is by far the #1 Best spice in STC… No other compares to the tastes and aroma. Definitely an Award winning spice.

  3. Justin Szerletich

    Vaquero and Raider!!!!!! If I had to pick a favorite these two would be 1a and 1b. I am a meat lover, use this on Ribeye every grill season. Also goes great on a tri-tip or roast. The best!

    Vaquero was the first spice I tried from STC, it has a special place in my heart and belly, haha!

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