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Blend Of The Month Club 1 oz Sampling

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The Syndgar Trading Co. spice of the month club is an exclusive way to enjoy one of a kind blends and a natural herb, spice, or mineral in a 1 oz package just for you. The mixes created for subscribers will not be available for outside sale and are only available on the month of subscription. Our membership guidelines ensure one of a kind blends just for you as a special club member of pure and natural ingredients without the added anti-caking agents, preservatives, or unnecessary ingredients.


Note: This subscription only covers a Blend of the Month and not a Spice of the Month, thank you for understanding.

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Our Spice of the Month Club is very popular but can be a overwhelming product for some at home chefs. The desire to have the best in herbs and spices can also be received in a single use 1 ounce sachet. We created these blends to assist the cook with unique flavors and aromas.

Each packaged is specially made for our subscribers with all natural ingredients free of unnecessary additives. The blends created are selected based on popular recipes and the complimentary tastes of the herb, spice, or mineral selected.

Join the Spice of the Month club today as each month has a different blend that is not available for regular purchase and may not appear in the club again.

A random surprise for each member monthly guaranteed to make you smile as you enjoy the aromas and flavor of new blends.




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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 6.5 in

1 review for Blend Of The Month Club 1 oz Sampling

  1. Glenda Rar

    I love receiving the blend of the month! I am quite new to the spice world and love experimenting with the spices I receive each month. David is very helpful and answers all of my questions.

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