Ronin: The zesty blend for Mental Awareness & Strength

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“I always loved an excellent fish dinner especially if I was the one responsible for the ‘catch-of-the-day’. I used to only add the basic ingredients to a fish meal such as garlic, black pepper, and then a squeeze of lemon before each bite. As good as these meals were, I always felt that something was missing and I would add too much butter, tartar sauce, or other condiments which turned a healthy meal into a fatty or cholesterol nightmare.

I still love a bit of condiments with my fish meals I wanted something that would compliment all meats especially poultry and pork which is how I developed “Ronin”. I feel in love with this blend as the zest was perfect and made condiments a compliment to meal instead of a required ingredient that drowns the food and harms the body.” – D. Alejandro Garcia


The Ronin’s ingredients are:


  • Oregano: Bacteria Fighting Agents & Lowers Cholesterol
  • Garlic: Reduces Blood Pressure & Prevents Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Onion: Contains Antioxidants & Improves Heart Health
  • Black Pepper: Diabetes Control & Improves Brain Functions
  • Rosemary: Relives Stress and Improves Memory
  • Citric Acid: Contains Antioxidants & Alkalizing properties (prevents kidney stones)


I chose the name “Ronin” because when I think of fresh fish diets, long lasting life, and healthy people I think of this mighty warrior whose culture is pure and mainly based around a seafood diet. Try the “Ronin” today to increase your brain power and gain a healthier life.



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Unsure of what to add to your fish, chicken, or pork? A citrus infused blend of spices and herbs will give you the proper taste which you desire in your meats. Unlike other spices on the market The Syndgar Trading Co. does not use preservatives or anti-caking agents into the blends allowing you to have pure ingredients added to your meals. The omission of these unnecessary ingredients will not contribute to carcinogenic possibilities or other harmful ingredients that are not intended for human consumption.

We create blends that are delicious and provide the added benefits to your body which you may need to increase your quality of life to enjoy your meals with those whom you love. Try our blends today.




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5 reviews for Ronin: The zesty blend for Mental Awareness & Strength

  1. Manny

    Ronin is the best on fresh fish. After I catch a fish and clean it I add Ronin onto the meat so when I get home the seasoning has worked its way down to the bone. I just love this stuff.

  2. k.veliz@yahoo.com

    You must have this gem in your kitchen. I’ve used it all on my white meats, and even on my Turkey this past November. The aroma is wow ??

  3. Diana D Garcia

    Perfect on fish. The taste is awesome.

  4. Sandra

    This is a must for your white meats. It’s perfect on chicken and vegetables.

  5. Justin Szerletich (verified owner)

    Love it! My wife gets anxiety every time we get low, haha. We keep a good supply on hand. Absolutely amazing on chicken.

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