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  • Rajput- An Exotic Blend with Vigor

    A taste that is often hard to describe but holds an exoticism to the mix the “Rajput” has been a favorite for people who enjoy a meal with the flavors of the Middle East but from a blend that is not considered traditional because of the ingredients.


    The use of Mediterranean, Persian, and Indian spices & herbs brings a flavor with incredible health benefits and colors with the true hypnotic aroma and indescribable flavors.


    “The “Rajput” was intended for side dishes to compliment a proper meal but through experimenting with unusual meats I discovered that this blend was excellent with dishes that were considered “game” such as pheasant, rabbit, goat, and other “non-traditional” meats. Taking away the natural “outdoor” or “game” flavoring from fresh foods the “Rajput” brings a mouthwatering taste to your meals. You can now enjoy the meats that you may have shied away from because of the meats natural flavoring from a blend brought to you through The Syndgar Trading Co. that takes you away while keeping you at home.” -D. Alejandro Garcia


    The “Rajput” consists of the following ingredients:


    • Curry: Boosts the immune system, bone strength, digestion assistance
    • Black Pepper: Antioxidant, assists in the reduction of symptoms leading to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, blood sugar control, & appetite suppression.
    • Rosemary- Prevents brain aging, anti-inflammatory, & stress reducer
    • Saffron- Reduces depression, fights cancerous agents, an aphrodisiac, appetite reduction, & assists with your memory retention.


    Increase your mental health, libido, and metabolism with one blend brought to you by The Syndgar Trading Co.


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