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  • The Veliz: a Salt Free alternative to The Raider with a unique bite

    A salt free alternative to any diet is acknowledged and although “The Raider” has a beautiful mix with salt (Raiders are born in the ocean and without salt could a Raider be a Raider?) “Veliz” does not possess this mineral in the blend as the special parts contain a host of other natural wellness benefits.

    Named after the most generous family, The Veliz family in Los Angeles, California whom have assisted The Syndgar Trading Co from the beginning this mix of pure spices and herbs have a similar combination to “The Raider” but with its own pizzazz.

    Flavoring your meal with the “Veliz” blend is sure to deliver the tastes desired of an eight-ingredient splash of natural herbs and spices and provide the benefits of each ingredient from carefully crafted parts and portions. Through our design of the “Veliz” we developed a blend that assists with bone strengthening and reductions in aches, tensions, and arthritis.


    The “Veliz”:

    • Ancho- Preventing blood clots
    • Chipotle- Headache relief
    • Cayenne- Arthritis
    • Turmeric- Assists in reducing Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Cumin- Osteoporosis
    • Garlic – Reducing blood pressure (hypertension)
    • Oregano – Fights Metabolic Syndrome
    • Black Pepper- Assist in the healing of hyperthryroidism


    The “Veliz” is a mix with many benefits to increase your wellness and we have listed a few above which have been such an excellent and delicious assistance to many people the past few years.



    ?“No man is an island and even the loneliest isles are connected somehow. I have been lucky to have a chain of friends to get me through these hard times of operating The Syndgar Trading Co. and The Veliz Family in Los Angeles, California have kept me from being a remote island through their generosity. Naming a premier spice and herb blend, especially one with so many benefits was more than an honor for me to do as a “thank you” for their continued support in our company.”

    – D.Alejandro Garcia


    If you are experience issues in your joints and want to ease your pain with flavor and aroma order a pack of “Veliz” today to experience a life changing flavor in your food.