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  • Ronin: The zesty blend for Mental Awareness & Strength


    “I always loved an excellent fish dinner especially if I was the one responsible for the ‘catch-of-the-day’. I used to only add the basic ingredients to a fish meal such as garlic, black pepper, and then a squeeze of lemon before each bite. As good as these meals were, I always felt that something was missing and I would add too much butter, tartar sauce, or other condiments which turned a healthy meal into a fatty or cholesterol nightmare.

    I still love a bit of condiments with my fish meals I wanted something that would compliment all meats especially poultry and pork which is how I developed “Ronin”. I feel in love with this blend as the zest was perfect and made condiments a compliment to meal instead of a required ingredient that drowns the food and harms the body.” – D. Alejandro Garcia


    The Ronin’s ingredients are:


    • Oregano: Bacteria Fighting Agents & Lowers Cholesterol
    • Garlic: Reduces Blood Pressure & Prevents Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Onion: Contains Antioxidants & Improves Heart Health
    • Black Pepper: Diabetes Control & Improves Brain Functions
    • Rosemary: Relives Stress and Improves Memory
    • Citric Acid: Contains Antioxidants & Alkalizing properties (prevents kidney stones)


    I chose the name “Ronin” because when I think of fresh fish diets, long lasting life, and healthy people I think of this mighty warrior whose culture is pure and mainly based around a seafood diet. Try the “Ronin” today to increase your brain power and gain a healthier life.