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  • Poggie Bait- The Sweet Treat with Blood Sugar Control

    The taste of sweet is a craving that cannot be beat and denying ourselves of a treat is simply cruel to the body. However, how we intake sweeteners and sugars should be the concern. As addictive and pleasing the taste of sugar is often, we are forgetful to the amount that is tolerable to the body.


    “I admit that I love the sweet tastes of synthetic sugars in my drinks, creamers, or other foods but the risks of cancer and other side effects were too much of concern for me and honestly quite scary. Diabetes and other diseases are so common now-a-days that I often shy away from processed foods as manufacturers do not provide me the choices of what sweeteners are used in the final product. If my body wants a sugary treat I should not deny my urges and staying natural with a regulating ingredient is a great idea to have my cake and eat it too.” – D. Alejandro Garcia


    “Poggie Bait” is a joke name to a seriously sweet blend made by The Syndgar Trading Co. What exactly is “Poggie Bait”? In the military the term is used as any sweet treat designed to capture and bribe the POG (Personnel Other than Grunt) for favors such as extra gear, a ride, or other favor without the use of actual money while in the field.

    The “Poggie Bait” is excellent to bribe your little-ones or other finicky eaters in the house to finish their meals. The “Poggie Bait” can be caramelized on a side of veggies as a treat for after the meal, sprinkled on popcorn for flavor, or added into the morning oatmeal for a boost of power.


    The culinary possibilities are endless with these ingredients:


    • White Sugar- A simple carbohydrate with stored energy through glycogenesis (the storing of energy from glucose)
    • Brown Sugar- A mood booster through a rush of dopamine
    • Maple Powder- Antioxidants, improves digestion, & possesses antibiotic effects
    • Cinnamon (True/Ceylon)- Anti-inflammatory properties, reduces LDL (bad) Cholesterol, Reduces the resistance of insulin, Lowers blood-sugar levels, antibacterial and antifungal properties.


    The “Poggie Bait” is a sweet treat with many benefits that improves mood, aids the digestive tracts, strengthens the heart, and provides several wellness benefits that by not allowing your family this dessert and snack enhancer your increasing their odds of wanting alternatives with more harmful side-effects from artificial ingredients than STC’s natural blend.




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