STC Pup Mix: Benefits Beyond the Bowl

A booklet sent to you with a recipe for an all-natural mix of herbs and spices that provide wellness for your beloved pup. At any age this STC Pup Mix is beneficial for strong bones, emotional assistance, breath maintenance, and more. We will provide recommendations, recipes, and instructions.

We tried this mix with meat, soups, treats, bones, and more to various dogs in our area with positive results. Simply every dog loves the flavor and every person loved watching their pup enjoy an excellent addition to their dogs’ diet.


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“The parts described are what my pups have enjoyed. I used this recipe on broths, sprinkled on top of dry food, dehydrated onto bones, and rolled into treats for my dogs. They really love the tastes and I feel better for them as I know that I am adding natural herbs and spices which will help them grow and stay healthy.” – D. Alejandro Garcia


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The Raider: The STC Home Blend Created for Wellness (Copy)


“I felt worse while on my meds, I still hurt regardless if I took my pills or not and all they did was numb the injuries. The medications made me tired and were designed to trick my body into feeling good but in reality I was losing my mind. I was addicted to the need to want the pills but grew lazy and fat because the pills were my life. ?I found a better way through herbs and spices and although the process was long and the trials were interesting from elixirs to eating the blends as a ?dry spoonful I discovered that adding the blends into my meals was the best way to not only change my life but increase my health in a manner that the prescribed medications could not do for me. I found a way that not only prolongs my life but gives me a will to continue. “ –? D. Alejandro Garcia


“The Raider” is the first blend developed by Alejandro over 10 years ago to assist with the medications given to him by the medical system. After sustaining multiple injuries while in Iraq he was given several types of pain and inflammatory medicines to ease the pain.


The nine ingredients listed have their own benefits and alone work for multiple reasons but together the blend is excellent and served as a natural method to improve wellness and keep me healthy. Testing “The Raider” in the culinary world proved that this blend is aromatic and tastes great. Multiple Chefs have agreed that “The Raider” is an excellent mix of spices, herbs, and minerals and the first cook-off we entered placed “The Raider” in two categories.


Lab tests have shown that this blend along with other pure ingredients have given me a healthy bodily system and I want to share this blend with you. How can “The Raider” help you?


  • Ancho- Assist in reducing nerve pain
  • Chipotle- Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and Increases HDL (Good Cholesterol)
  • Cayenne- Boosts metabolism
  • Turmeric- Assists in reducing Depression
  • Cumin- Stress fighter
  • Garlic – Reducing blood pressure
  • Oregano – Fights bacteria
  • Black Pepper- Assists in proper digestion (diarrhea/Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Sea Salt- Anti-cramping agent



These ingredients have many more benefits, but these are just a few examples to provide an idea to what a strong blend “The Raider” is for your health. Most ingredients assist in fighting cancers, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease which are growing concerns more than before and if a blend is available to fight these ailments and promote a better life for you, then why would you deny yourself this product?



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Poggie Bait- The Sweet Treat with Blood Sugar Control

The taste of sweet is a craving that cannot be beat and denying ourselves of a treat is simply cruel to the body. However, how we intake sweeteners and sugars should be the concern. As addictive and pleasing the taste of sugar is often, we are forgetful to the amount that is tolerable to the body.


“I admit that I love the sweet tastes of synthetic sugars in my drinks, creamers, or other foods but the risks of cancer and other side effects were too much of concern for me and honestly quite scary. Diabetes and other diseases are so common now-a-days that I often shy away from processed foods as manufacturers do not provide me the choices of what sweeteners are used in the final product. If my body wants a sugary treat I should not deny my urges and staying natural with a regulating ingredient is a great idea to have my cake and eat it too.” – D. Alejandro Garcia


“Poggie Bait” is a joke name to a seriously sweet blend made by The Syndgar Trading Co. What exactly is “Poggie Bait”? In the military the term is used as any sweet treat designed to capture and bribe the POG (Personnel Other than Grunt) for favors such as extra gear, a ride, or other favor without the use of actual money while in the field.

The “Poggie Bait” is excellent to bribe your little-ones or other finicky eaters in the house to finish their meals. The “Poggie Bait” can be caramelized on a side of veggies as a treat for after the meal, sprinkled on popcorn for flavor, or added into the morning oatmeal for a boost of power.


The culinary possibilities are endless with these ingredients:


  • White Sugar- A simple carbohydrate with stored energy through glycogenesis (the storing of energy from glucose)
  • Brown Sugar- A mood booster through a rush of dopamine
  • Maple Powder- Antioxidants, improves digestion, & possesses antibiotic effects
  • Cinnamon (True/Ceylon)- Anti-inflammatory properties, reduces LDL (bad) Cholesterol, Reduces the resistance of insulin, Lowers blood-sugar levels, antibacterial and antifungal properties.


The “Poggie Bait” is a sweet treat with many benefits that improves mood, aids the digestive tracts, strengthens the heart, and provides several wellness benefits that by not allowing your family this dessert and snack enhancer your increasing their odds of wanting alternatives with more harmful side-effects from artificial ingredients than STC’s natural blend.



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Rajput- An Exotic Blend with Vigor

A taste that is often hard to describe but holds an exoticism to the mix the “Rajput” has been a favorite for people who enjoy a meal with the flavors of the Middle East but from a blend that is not considered traditional because of the ingredients.


The use of Mediterranean, Persian, and Indian spices & herbs brings a flavor with incredible health benefits and colors with the true hypnotic aroma and indescribable flavors.


“The “Rajput” was intended for side dishes to compliment a proper meal but through experimenting with unusual meats I discovered that this blend was excellent with dishes that were considered “game” such as pheasant, rabbit, goat, and other “non-traditional” meats. Taking away the natural “outdoor” or “game” flavoring from fresh foods the “Rajput” brings a mouthwatering taste to your meals. You can now enjoy the meats that you may have shied away from because of the meats natural flavoring from a blend brought to you through The Syndgar Trading Co. that takes you away while keeping you at home.” -D. Alejandro Garcia


The “Rajput” consists of the following ingredients:


  • Curry: Boosts the immune system, bone strength, digestion assistance
  • Black Pepper: Antioxidant, assists in the reduction of symptoms leading to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, blood sugar control, & appetite suppression.
  • Rosemary- Prevents brain aging, anti-inflammatory, & stress reducer
  • Saffron- Reduces depression, fights cancerous agents, an aphrodisiac, appetite reduction, & assists with your memory retention.


Increase your mental health, libido, and metabolism with one blend brought to you by The Syndgar Trading Co.


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  Want to learn more about STC and Alejandro? The Syndgar Trading Co. Through the continuation of a family business which was started generations ago in culinary trade and ranching whose roots originated in mercantile from Spain to the Texas … Read More

Blend Of The Month Club 1 oz Sampling

The Syndgar Trading Co. spice of the month club is an exclusive way to enjoy one of a kind blends and a natural herb, spice, or mineral in a 1 oz package just for you. The mixes created for subscribers will not be available for outside sale and are only available on the month of subscription. Our membership guidelines ensure one of a kind blends just for you as a special club member of pure and natural ingredients without the added anti-caking agents, preservatives, or unnecessary ingredients.


Note: This subscription only covers a Blend of the Month and not a Spice of the Month, thank you for understanding.

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Vaquero: The sweet taste of mesquite with digestive easing benefits

“I wanted a blend of spices and herbs that felt like home but living in Southern California the ability to use wood burning pits was not allowed in our gated community. I missed the tastes of the ranch cooked food with freshly gathered mesquite. With the “Vaquero” blend I was able to think back to when my grandparents would cook fresh meat over an open pit and family would gather together and have a great time. However, when I would make any sort of steaks or red meat in my home some members of my family digestive tract would not accept store bought cuts into their diet and they would experience cramps or worse. I did not think of the method of cooking such as charcoal or propane being the issue but the lack of proper ingredients not in the recipes. I created the “Vaquero” to allow a version of my home growing up into my home as an adult.

Tradition and family bonding come to mind when I make a meal with “Vaquero” and knowing that the blend is all-natural and holds a variety of benefits for everyone’s well-being makes this a blend that mixes home with health.” -D. Alejandro Garcia


Vaquero consists of the following ingredients only:

  • Onion- Antioxidants and Antibacterial properties
  • Garlic- Antibacterial properties
  • Oregano- Antibacterial properties
  • Turmeric- Antioxidant
  • Cumin- Assist with food-borne illnesses
  • Ginger- Assistance with digestive problems and cramps
  • Chimayo- A specialty pepper but carriers the same benefits as all chili peppers at a lower Scoville scale (4,000-6,000) to benefit the digestive tract.
  • Black Pepper: Increased circulation
  • Mesquite Powder: For the hint of an outdoor aroma and smoky flavor


The “Vaquero” is intended for a fresh hunt or pure meat cuts which is why the mix has digestive and cleansing ingredients added together but with all the additives and unknown origins of store-bought meats this blend is perfect for everyone. If you have a sensitive stomach or digestive system adding the “Vaquero” to your meal will ease your pains and allow you to enjoy red meats or any meal that has otherwise caused issues to your digestive system.





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Ronin: The zesty blend for Mental Awareness & Strength


“I always loved an excellent fish dinner especially if I was the one responsible for the ‘catch-of-the-day’. I used to only add the basic ingredients to a fish meal such as garlic, black pepper, and then a squeeze of lemon before each bite. As good as these meals were, I always felt that something was missing and I would add too much butter, tartar sauce, or other condiments which turned a healthy meal into a fatty or cholesterol nightmare.

I still love a bit of condiments with my fish meals I wanted something that would compliment all meats especially poultry and pork which is how I developed “Ronin”. I feel in love with this blend as the zest was perfect and made condiments a compliment to meal instead of a required ingredient that drowns the food and harms the body.” – D. Alejandro Garcia


The Ronin’s ingredients are:


  • Oregano: Bacteria Fighting Agents & Lowers Cholesterol
  • Garlic: Reduces Blood Pressure & Prevents Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Onion: Contains Antioxidants & Improves Heart Health
  • Black Pepper: Diabetes Control & Improves Brain Functions
  • Rosemary: Relives Stress and Improves Memory
  • Citric Acid: Contains Antioxidants & Alkalizing properties (prevents kidney stones)


I chose the name “Ronin” because when I think of fresh fish diets, long lasting life, and healthy people I think of this mighty warrior whose culture is pure and mainly based around a seafood diet. Try the “Ronin” today to increase your brain power and gain a healthier life.



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Conquistador: The Fire of The Syndgar Trading Co. made to keep your furnace burning


“A little goes a long way when it comes to many things in life and the “Conquistador” is one of these spice blends where this tip comes in handy to know. A sachet of our five-chili blend known as “Conquistador” has a variety of peppers to provide many benefits in one bite. This is more than a blend to enter in a chili cook off but a recipe for boosting your internal fire to clear toxins, increase metabolism, and to ward off ailments.


I love this blend with a pot of meat and beans, but I also love the “Conquistador” with a glass of hot water and lemon juice as a pick-me-up when I am sick. This blend is another great recipe by The Syndgar Trading Co. to improve everyday life with minimal effort.” – D. Alejandro Garcia



The “Conquistador” consists of the following ingredients:


  • Ancho: Pain Relief & Appetite Suppression
  • Cayenne: Boost Metabolism & Digestion Assistance
  • Chipotle: Bone Strengthening & Diabetes Prevention
  • Habenero: Fights Flu, Colds, and Fungal Infections
  • De Arbol: Improves Joint Strength


Many people are afraid to add chili peppers into a meal as they to do not enjoy the spiciness of the blends. Remember a little will go a long way and as you add more of the “Conquistador” into your diet you are not only increasing your wellness but your tolerance to the heat. Turn up your body’s thermostat and grab a sachet of “Conquistador” today.



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The Veliz: a Salt Free alternative to The Raider with a unique bite

A salt free alternative to any diet is acknowledged and although “The Raider” has a beautiful mix with salt (Raiders are born in the ocean and without salt could a Raider be a Raider?) “Veliz” does not possess this mineral in the blend as the special parts contain a host of other natural wellness benefits.

Named after the most generous family, The Veliz family in Los Angeles, California whom have assisted The Syndgar Trading Co from the beginning this mix of pure spices and herbs have a similar combination to “The Raider” but with its own pizzazz.

Flavoring your meal with the “Veliz” blend is sure to deliver the tastes desired of an eight-ingredient splash of natural herbs and spices and provide the benefits of each ingredient from carefully crafted parts and portions. Through our design of the “Veliz” we developed a blend that assists with bone strengthening and reductions in aches, tensions, and arthritis.


The “Veliz”:

  • Ancho- Preventing blood clots
  • Chipotle- Headache relief
  • Cayenne- Arthritis
  • Turmeric- Assists in reducing Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Cumin- Osteoporosis
  • Garlic – Reducing blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Oregano – Fights Metabolic Syndrome
  • Black Pepper- Assist in the healing of hyperthryroidism


The “Veliz” is a mix with many benefits to increase your wellness and we have listed a few above which have been such an excellent and delicious assistance to many people the past few years.



?“No man is an island and even the loneliest isles are connected somehow. I have been lucky to have a chain of friends to get me through these hard times of operating The Syndgar Trading Co. and The Veliz Family in Los Angeles, California have kept me from being a remote island through their generosity. Naming a premier spice and herb blend, especially one with so many benefits was more than an honor for me to do as a “thank you” for their continued support in our company.”

– D.Alejandro Garcia


If you are experience issues in your joints and want to ease your pain with flavor and aroma order a pack of “Veliz” today to experience a life changing flavor in your food.

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